Saturday, February 23, 2013

Loving Garnier right now!  As a Bzzagent agent :)  I get to try interesting and new products all the time.  I was accepted into the Garnier Olia campaign!  Got my coupon the other day  and decided to try it!  All I can say is wow!!  Recently I had shaved my head so my hair is still really short and i was a tad worried about dying my scalp and skin.  But the greys were showing and well who wants that?  This was really easy to use, the directions were easy to follow and no messy drips!!    It is very easy to control where the product goes and how much goes on.  Plus it covers the few greys I have without drying and damaging my hair like other dyes!  So do go out and give it a try!  It's well worth the money spent.  Best home dye kit I've ever really used!!  And I've used a lot!  Salon quality at a cheaper price to do yourself at home!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Wow loving Glade Expressions right now!

Boy oh boy!!!!!!

My house smells soooooo good right now!!!!!  I belong to which is a site where they send you products, you test them and then bzz (tell) them about your experience oh yea and you tell others!  That's what I'm doing right now telling you all!!  And this is one I'm super excited about!  Love walking into my home and having it feel warm, comfortable with good smells and good people!!  Well usually I can't do the sprays and things they give me headaches but I tried the apple and spice one (red can) boy was it awesome!!!!!  It smells so good light, airy with just enough smell but not to much.  Plus when I went back into the bathroom where I had sprayed some over an hour later it still smelled like apples!!  This is a must try thing!  It's not expensive either.  The sprays with the starter kit are a buck a piece there, they have different scents too.  I got a diffuser thingy which is attractive and sits in the middle of the living room (front and center) i can smell the pineapple mangos from here!!  it's not strong either!  So thank you Glade and for you folks the next time you are needing something like this please try these!!  they were awesome!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Friday, January 4, 2013

Save her vision!!!

Boy it's been a rough few months!!!  I am missing my kids (that's an entirely different post and one I'm not sure I want to go public with), my mom and her health, my sister and her health, my mother-in-law too!  Well this one  is for the mother-in-law!

please check it out and if you can help that would be great!  If you can't help that's fine too just pass it along!!!  God bless you!

Cindi and family

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Wow, it's been a busy time!  Kids have been crazy since school got out.  Katie turned 14 a little over a week ago, Emelina will be 9 in 2 days!  School starts again in 2 months.  Will I live that long? lol  Just thought i'd drop in so you all know i am not dead!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Wow what pettiness!

Yes she's 13. Yes her father and I allowed her to get 3 piercings. Yes I know some don't approve of that. But she's my daughter not yours. Not all 13 year olds could handle them. She can, she also earned them. She's been begging for 2 years, and yes I know 11 would have been really bad. We told her to wait till 13 for her nose and 14 for the other 2. But well we are 4 months shy of 14. We had the money, she earned the right to have them and is taking excellent care of them. She also didn't pick out huge things that are gaudy or anything. The lip one is a little big but it's the smallest they had. In 4 months she can change it to a little one or a ring or something she likes. But we told her already nothing guady or in your face if you know what I mean.

Yesterday, she went to school for the first time with them. The teachers and staff said nothing at all to her. She's still the same kid, just with a few more holes after all. But some of the kids were cruel. Jealous much? Yep, one kid said she was now ugly. Well, maybe you don't like piercings but she does. Few told her she was lucky and that was awesome! But one kid told her she had a 3 piercing limit and if she got anymore even if it's her ear she was going to pull it out! Aggressive much? Sounds like a kid wanting to go to juvie if you ask me. I don't think this particular kid would do it but it still pissed me off that was said. Katie has been wanting these piercings like I said for over 2 years now. This girl and her sister have been pretty cruel to katie and have called her a copy cat (only one sister has her nose pierced) the other wants her lip done. Actually, katie told this sister she wanted it done a long time ago and I remember her saying no she didn't want it but of course with growing up a bit now she does. So all the sudden katie is a copycat. Uh how? Katie got it done first. And who cares? 2 or 3 people can have the same tastes as each other. Doesn't make it a copy cat. Katie has been begging for a guitar since she was about 5 years old. Seriously. BEGGING! this girl had no interest until she found out katie did. Now for her defense, she's doing rather good with it from what I hear. I'm proud of her. Music and instrument playing is good for all kids. Keeps them out of trouble, gives them something positive to strive for. but she got her guitar first. And rubbed it into Katie's face. Well we didn't want to trade, and didn't want a used one for her. She got a bottom line Fender, but it's a fender!! Katie is so excited with her Fender. That's one of the top guitars other than a Dean. But Katie got the fender and she abosolutely loves it! She's learning on her own till we can afford lessons. they aren't cheap.

Well that's my rant, Just blowing off steam. These two really should get it together. they both have that rocker look (katie has had it for years and this other girl has kind of migrated into it for her love of music) they both like the same bands (avenged sevenfold, etc) and they are both learning guitar. they should put a band together! Instead of fighting with each other and being jealous of each other!

Kids, i swear sometimes I just don't understand them lol